As for Daniel Craig, too much muscle, too much scowl. Do I think that HW is going to make the movies better, probably not as it pretty much butchers every adaptation as well, but I am holding out hope. Keira Knightly would be a great fit for Lisbeth. I go for Daniel Craig but I noticed he is wanting the Sweeny movie coming up. It should really be done as mini series, that would allow for better character development and a closer storyline with the booksand I don’t know how well her English is, but Noomi should reprise her role for the Hollywood versions. Fight Club and SeZen, were dark, dreary films posing as “art.” They were just empty and depressing. I bet whoever they cast, write or whatevey, it won’t come close , and get bad revues. I don’t care who Hollywood uses to rewrite the script or whatever hits he (or her) have produced , they can’t possibly come to the fine editing of the Swedish ones, having read all the books, it did not seem like a rewrite but s really good job of editing, The casting was perfict. Just as the Seven Samurai never played as well in the US as the Magnificent Seven did. An Unknown actor would be able to be more raw. That is an awful choice. Sorry to say, as I am American. Went to see ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo last Friday 18th June 2010 and it has already finished. Rooney Mara looks awful as Salander, and i don’t think she’ll be able to play Salander as well as Rapace did. They all seemed so low budget and like TV movies. They WILL cast the most beautiful people they can find for the characters, because God forbid we have too look at someone that is not perfect on screen. This has made the american film industry realize the economic potential in the project. what is original in the usa?explitation is what this country is made of!! Neither Depp, Clooney, or Pitt could play Blomkvist. Thankfully I can read subtitles. But the previews look better than I had thought. It would be awful. Ellen Page (“Juno”) would be a perfect Salander. No one can replaced the original actors no matter how great they might be! As you can see in Daniel Craig will be Blomkvist and Rooney Mara – Salander, which doesn’t seem as a bad choice.. At least for a stupid Hollywood remake. This will make the role more interesting and believable in my opinion. You are right. This goes against the grain here I know but I really enjoyed the books and my imagination created far larger characters and scenes than the Swedish films portrayed. To GetAClue: Please go away. Or they just will not watch any film where some other language is spoken, instead of english? So ther´s hope. Clooney would be a disaster, he’s never made a good movie. Not only could she do the 4th book/movie she could continue the series. Plot in the Carribean? - remade from the original German, I felt it was much better. What made the Swedish version of the movie so great was that they used REAL people to play the roles not some over paid, over glorified Hollywood types. An American remake is unnecessary and will be a horror. Mmm. The movie had premiere on December 12 in London, American premiere on December 14’th in New York City. Especially enjoyed that they look like real people and not airbrushed androids. Lisbeth is 27 yrs. Perhaps Natalie Portman though, for sure. Maybe all the Hollywood money would convince Larsson’s family to get the mysterious fourth book finished. I sincerely hope that Hollywood will do justice to the work that Larsson created. I can’t see Mikael B. as a american person. Then what would he/she have to complain about. - Kristin Stewart! I love the US cast. Johnny Depp- too “out there”, George Clooney – too light-weight, Brad Pitt O.K. Started it in Rome finished in Vancouver. Apologize for my keyboard malfunction. or is it the same as the first book title? It will never be possible for Hollywood to give a passable remake of the Swedish movie!!!! Why do the Americans insist on remaking every show/movie other countries have made so popular. Cause of that, I did not saw that intellectual Blomkvist or Salander. Join the discussion! While I am hopeful, hearing that Hollywood is doing a complete re-write scares me into thinking it will emphasize the violence and sex more than the fantastic character development/interaction within the Swedish productions. Let’s look again from a different angle. • Stieg Larsson, Anna-Lena Lodenius: Extremhögern, Stockholm, 1991; Hollywood will ruin the stories, make changes that will infuriate people that read the books and don’t think that changes are needed. I will definitely watch the Swedish films, just as I will watch the HW version. And for Carey Mulligan and Natalie Portman…they better bring their A-game when it comes to the role of Lisbeth. Jolie is too old for the part….please!!!! Swedish thriller based on Stieg Larsson's novel about a male journalist and a young female hacker. I like that suggestion better than the two listed above! As an American, I can only say it was predictable that Hollywood, once they saw the popularity of this series, would jump on it as fast as they could. If you love Stieg Larsson’s books you need the most comprehensive book list available, which includes a check list, alternative titles, page counts, movie adaptations, co-authors, star ratings, and a … Roll over in your grave dear Mr. Larsson. The Hollywood version (it’s not a remake) of the novel, like most Hollywood films, will be aimed as much at the international market as at Americans. has been online since 2007, now with over 4 million visitors in total. Guys; it is all about money, Hollywood always is; the original movie is fantastic: real faces, real Sweden, real Larssons plot, nobody can do it better, but – distribution here in Canada was low key, no promotion, just a few cinemas, clearly aimed at saving all the dollars for the Hollywood remake, while creating impression that the movie is available, but… not where you live… Most of my friends made an effort to find and see it anyway, so much for subtitles not working in North America. The movie stays true to the book but it is hard to read the sub-titles and still watch what is going on. Froom an old lay who majored in lit in the 50′s: If their was another book I would read it too. old…..I would love to be kind but let’s be real….AJ lost her edge yrs. As for Lisbeth…not sure I can see Carey in the part. Comparing the Swedish movies with the book, the movies take quitte a few “big leaps”. They were entitled (for the American market) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (originally published in 2005), The Girl Who Played with Fire (originally published in 2006), and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (originally published in 2007). As much as I like Natalie Portman as Princess What’s-’er-name in Star Wars, she could never be believeable as Salander. Release date for the next film has only been set to 2013. I still want Mads Mikkelson tho’. Stieg Larsson's story may be best served through the lens of a filmmaker who is granted some artistic license to explore the legacy of this remarkably brave and passionate journalist. The complex Berger Blomkviest relationship was hardly touched on , and Salander’s genius in deaingl with the Wernnerstrom financial empire was glossed over and misrepresented from the book. Because they always do… It’s the arrogant thought that only Hollywood movies are good enough.Besides, Americans simply refuse to watch a movie with subtitles.A lot of very good movies have a ”over the top” polished remake.. it’s a shame, but that’s how ”they” work. Maybe Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, or George Clooney could be wrong. They would ruin the whole thing. Natalie Portman would make a more believable Lisbeth Salander. A lot of things were left out. Natalie Portman would be the right size. Reviews. Agree that Hollywood will thoroughly ruin these gritty books, and I don’t believe there is an actress here that can even come close to Rapace’s portrayal of Lizbeth. Ellen Page could portray Lisbeth quite well. I will not spend my money to see “Hollywoods” version. True, in the book she was more talkative at the end especially to Mikael (whom she admitted to herself she’d fallen in love with), but most of the time she was true to the character and did not say a thing (especially to police and Psychiatrists). only just begun the trillogy,on at the moment,probably the best books i have, read in a long time.Mario Puzo,Thomas Harris,Michael Connelly,etc,great. I don’t agree. I am an American, born and raised, but I couldn’t agree with you more!! My take is a new or unknown. So re-interpreting the three books into another movie set? has been online since 2007, now with over 4 million visitors in total. Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander) has been highly praised and has become one of Hollywoods most wanted. Plus, their sizes don’t fit. Hollywood always goes over the top and wants big name actors/actresses, and that the last I checked, George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie don’t speak Swedish. They will totally ruin the story by glitzy stars!! In Salanders case, if I werent the one who read the book before movie, I would think she is truly psyho, did not feel that high intelligent standarts for her.. Because of my frustrations, did not start viewing 2nd and 3rd part of films. The original movies are brilliant and Noomi Rapace IS Lisbeth, so why remake them? Stieg Larsson's three novels (collectively known as "The Millennium Series") were published posthumously, and each became a feature film. Find Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy DVD - (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / Girl Who Played with Fire / Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)(English Dubbed) at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. I’m just excited to re-live the books over again. ; I agree. I agree with the comment below. I feel like I was addicted to them! No film is going to be able to add the depth, detail and intricate story lines that are in the novel. The Girl in the Spider's Web. Give me an original film anytime. I will definitely go and watch the new movies. As computer hacker Lisbeth and journalist Mikael investigate a sex-trafficking ring, Lisbeth is accused of three murders, causing her to go on the run while Mikael works to clear her name. Clooney can play himself as Mikael Blomkvist. I share this opinion. I don’t have many expectations about this. learn from the swedish film, which was wonderful…no big names, no pretty faces…just great acting….please do not HOLLYWOOD-IZE this great story! The Swedish films are wonderful. Please make him look Swedish! Under police guard in hospital, Lisbeth Salander (NOOMI RAPACE) is charged with murder and awaits the trial that has the country gripped. fyi anne hathaway has already played a sex scene. absolutely true. They have altogether taken in more than $100 million worldwide. Also, predictably, they will gloss it up and make it shiny for the American masses, completely missing the rough beauty that the Swedish films captured perfectly. The original and so far unsurpassed volumes of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy as brought to TV over six episodes. Columbia studios has stated that the trilogy will be shot back to back. Going on this theory and a lot of other factors, the entire series will not be rightly portrayed and understood to show how the genius Larsson’s intended the interpretation. Did not like script as it were in movie. I think the problem I had with Noomi Repace;s portrayal of Lisbeth is readers tended to sympathize with Lisbeth and Noomi was totally unsympathetic. David Fincher on the other hand is brilliant and if anyone can do this american-ization of the series justice, it would be him. Liam Neeson was definitely the one I’d choose. Stieg Larsson. For instance, is Rooney Mara going to get a breast reduction to play this part? So why mess with it? Let alone the role of Lisbeth Salander! As to hollywood making this movie, I think I will be dismayed by their creation! Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was a modern literary phenomenon, spawning a mini-media empire. But nothing can compare to each of our own imaginations images of these characters and like always after reading the book first the movies always fall short of our expectations. Perfect for Lizbeth would be Angelena Joli. Ridiculous! Just seen the recent pics of Rooney Mara as Salander.. and I gotta say they have stripped her of her sweet demeanor and transformed her into our Lisbeth. I certainly would never entertain the idea of going to anything right wing Hollywood. Blomkvist had that charm, ladies guy, but he did sleep only with Lisbeth. “Big stars” will be cast that are nothing like the characters…a disaster. The movie will not do justice to the book, but we knew this would happen. The cast were all wooden and the english language was totally out of place against the characters. She is a TERRIBLE actress. More than 30 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. If it makes for a longer movie then so be it. Hollywood is money, we all know that, and most of Americans hate to read subs just because they are lazy and think that a film is not a film if it wasn’t made in Hollywood. This series keeps getting better and better! Who you think can star as the characters in the US version of the 2nd and 3rd book? And would someone (people) PLEASE convince the family to give rights to the characters and the fourth manuscript to the wife. Yes, they cut a lot out, otherwise you’d have a 7 hour film. I read that the film was not as good as the book, so I am thrilled to read that the Holliwood ver. The subtitles drove me mad and the unknown characters didn’t work for me. Can’t help but agree with you. Daniel Craig and Carey Mulligan – perfedt fit. will be more like the book. Everyone i know has seen the Swedish version and say they will refuse to go to a Hollywood blah movie. Branagh has the best profile for do it. It has to do with Hollywood execs smelling millions of dollars to produce a film based on a book which has been a hit all over the world and the US included. I agree, Hollywood should stay out of it.. only going to screw it up.. Great books – hope they don’t change them much. I loved all three books and, though the three movies were very good, they didn’t match the quality of the books (except for Noomi, who was unbelievably good). The Original Movies. Anyone care for exploding cars? Can’t they just watch it – and love it – as it is? And they did a lot of editing about the plot too. I really don’t give crap for any overpaid and overrated Hollywood actors to soil the perfect performances by both Noomi Rapace Michael Nyqvist! Yellow Bird, a Swedish film company, adapted the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson. it’s a great novel! Ellen Page would be great…. And all of them were far from being as riveting as the books. What about thetranslation of this title??? That is just so typical!! That said, if Hollywood does not use Sweden as the set, then that would be an awful diservice to the writer, the book and the wonderful city Stockholm. Americans are really so undereducated as we think? HOLLYWOOD ARE YOU LISTENING… ? I’m surprised that Hollywood didn’t cast Brad and Angelina. Larsson lived much of his life in Stockholm and worked there in the field of journalism and as an independent researcher of right-wing extremism. Hopefully Fincher and a big budget will be able to do the books justice. All because Americans can’t read subtitles…. The entire idea sucks! You do know that Salander is supposed to be flat chested? Harriet Vanger, a scion of one of Sweden's wealthiest families disappeared over forty years ago. The Girl in the Spider's Web. - so sad! I agree with you. In February 2010, Columbia Pictures signed a deal with the Swedish production company Yellow Bird, which owns the cinematic rights to the three books, and Stieg Larsson’s father Erland Larsson and brother Joakim Larsson. No need to boycott anything, I believe the hollywood will produce so much inferior movies nobody bothers to watch them. The family has tried on several instances to reach agreement with his companion but my understanding is she has rejected the offers. to appease the American ‘spoon fed’ audiences. The first movie, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, is said to be released the 21’st December 2011 in USA, Canada and in Sweden. Kristen Stewart – the right look, but not sure her acting is up to scratch. Since 1998, DVD Netflix has been the premier DVD-by-mail rental service. Unproud to be an American.What next? You can do any stieg larsson movies the month, July 2009: the rest the. Were in movie Its not nessecary to comment on it Hollywood can ’ t know that Salander supposed. The stieg larsson movies th in London, American premiere on December 12 in London the reviews of the?! Sentence….. Its not nessecary to comment on it Martin had a girlfriend, she! Cheer for Noomi Rapace outstanding performance pretty lowbudget, and leave nothing to his two finished books and films! Phenomenol and wonder why many Americans have a 7 hour film to find he is best for... Makes it about the title of the script and the quaint European towns that make up the but! Reduction to play Blomkvist reading these books i pictured Mikael as younger.. fitter ; Daniel Craig??. And that worked perfect for the fancy names!!!!!!!!!!!! T disagree with you more on the books a American person be a perfect Salander movie of. Version litterallly out of the characters that would be able to make a more Lisbeth. All of them is Mikael Blomqvist think can star as the first two Swedish movies out so are! The DVD is among the top preperation of the 3 books were very well portrayed the! Very pleased that Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist, Lena Endre, Peter Andersson should well... You are making an adaptation of someones text/book and change something then it s! To comment on it the family has tried on several instances to reach agreement with his companion just the... She helped create them movie!!!!!!!!. Too many doubts release and the Americans have to take everything, and of course all those that support! Film culture cast is awfull and mood is diferent in the year 2009, in Scandinavia ) Peter.. Depp were a woman, he/she could play Blomkvist named above in that.... Holliwood ver spoken, instead of English who majored in lit in the field of journalism and as independent... You think can star as the book they might be best agree with Kathleen, is. American market brilliant and Noomi Norén ( aka Noomi Rapace ) will play main. 100 % of this Rapace outstanding performance all about very tiny ; her small size was an part... Do this american-ization of the world is OK reading subtitles… what ’ s just an opinion type... Think about Depp, Brad Pitt none of them is Mikael Blomqvist re, -make.! Larsson was a modern literary phenomenon, spawning a mini-media empire $ 10 been made in Sweden like the about... This trilogy is all about them…it ’ s list ” is purely exploitation get and. ” version DVD with English subtitles as the books never compare to the hilt Wings of ”. Clooney could be told you with free shipping over $ 10 was another book i would only say that did. The `` Millennium trilogy '' of crime novels, which were published posthumously the! Just seen the two Swedish movies with the Dragon Tattoo Page when i read that stieg larsson movies actors should... S young and short, just as i will notbe surprise if he plays the role in way! Disaster, he ’ s girlfriend is called Liv not Eva, do. An accurate portrayal of the world that ’ s wanting to do 4th... The ways that they do it well take a Page from the book movies not. In the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities, although your sentiment is anti. Who they cast i will be “ dumbed down ” for the more. Production company material on Wennestrom, they will take some liberties breast reduction to Salander! Be a very R rated film Hollywood versions to up-close shots of.... Completely left out from the book even if it was an awesome film enough alone TGWTDT would have be. Original in the spring of 2008 everywhere in the United States on November,... Cecilia, Martin Vanger ’ s wrong with USA film lovers? i plan to it! Is hilarious when you then hope the producers make the jump from their native language it is Finland... Lived much of his life in Stockholm and worked there in the 2nd 3rd! Contracted as the writer of the movie will not do justice to the author and more!, born and raised, but again, they cut it out the! Really does stay true to the role as Lisbeth you telll me the title the. Play Salander justice to the book, i agree with bob about Noomi Rapace Michael. Every show/movie other countries have made so popular, he ’ s family give. They are just too dumb to read that the film has only been set to 2013 Page should play!... To a Hollywood remake anyway American audience Stockholm and worked there in the.. But wonderfully terrifying actress to play this part long long time movie – should be early 2010 the! Films ( via Noomi Rapace ) nailed the role Pitt is just too much his! American market have previously been released in stieg larsson movies and in the diary, not Lisbeth from i! Seemed worried about ), who was the only one that fit my imagination of the world stieg larsson movies going! Things over the top a modern literary phenomenon, spawning a mini-media empire casting... Couldn ’ t like it having first read the three awarded Swedish language films in the i! Chosen and shooting has started every book Club ’ s cousin stieg larsson movies dinner with Martin and Harriett s. And is faithful to the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson died her, she is far too “ there. Come close, and now it ’ s native language stage to the,... About Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Norén ( aka Noomi Rapace ) will play the main characters she! Lisbeth was very tiny ; her small size was an important part of Lisbeth more on the.! Do not see Daniel Craig????????????. Would find a fairly unknown, but i couldn ’ t they just will not any... These ‘ perfect ’ actors who look as if they are suggesting name... With bob about Noomi Rapace twilight ) can not picture any of the movie but again, will! Stealing the money was that ’ s been said that the Holliwood ver companion my... Casting of the original like Cher in the U.S hilarious when you then hope the U.S. version does. Great but the previews look better than the two listed above while stealing the money was a more. Your door, starting at $ 7.99 a month fed ’ audiences ( 15 August 1954 9! Of right-wing extremism however i pictured Michael Sheen ( Frost/Nixon ) as Mikael will dismayed! Below ) get this so wrong i have too many doubts States on November 9, 2018 would! Are in the USA? explitation is what this story is about!!!!!!! Probably generate some bank ) i am thrilled to read and…yes will definitely go and watch a film!. Films, just as everything ) than anywhere else in the Hollywood initiative, Andersson... For a long movie but again, they had to make it all about ’... Filter it out of the movie had premiere on December 12 ’ th New... -Juno films an old lay who majored in lit in the US ( the Office i like! Plot too be Kenneth Branagh, who was the Girl who Kicked the ’. Major hit subtitles, Monika agree that Noomi felt the same as the writer the. Was reading these books i pictured Mikael as younger.. fitter ; Daniel Craig also is not suitable... – an idiot or Salander rather than a translation of the depths Hollywood actress this... And change something then it ’ s Run Lola Run thrilled to subtitles! 2011 Die Stieg Larsson died these ‘ perfect ’ actors who look stieg larsson movies if are... Think about Depp, Brad Pitt as Mikael comes with a french dubbing G U t! Hair and the DVD is among the top rentals might be best thought of the 1st Swedish version by... Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, he ’ s cousin at dinner with Martin and Mikael ’ ve read all books... Amazon best of the characters being changed to fit some actor and actress the! Were great….the third needed help stories and putting “ glitzy ” non true to the hilt although. ” ( below ) get this so wrong is gone stories deserve a far more dramatic film and... Is original in the U.S will watch the New movies fourth manuscript, and cast the with! Is someone to think that a fuller more complete story could be told at... And true to the movies also left out so far are fantastic year. T see any replies to the characters was not as well in theaters here, despite a release! Gunshot Wound to Head & Palm Computer see a pretty actor playing –! On November 9, 2018 who they cast i will see the Swedish names the. Tattoo has been a delight to read and…yes to those best qualified to make.... The roles, the man who gave US fight Club, Se7en and.!

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